The FIVE Benefits of doing Interview Coaching & Mock Interviews

Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews can be key tools in landing your next job. The reality is people do not Interview everyday in their current job,on average people interview for a new position once every two years. This is a skill that is not practised regularly so when people are faced with an Interview they can be confronted by a lack of confidence and an inability to discuss what they do in their current role. There are a number of benefits to Interview coaching and Mock Interviews and these would be the top 5 benefits.
Benefits of Mock Interviews

1. Tangible Results

  • 2-3 hours of mock interview preparation significantly increase chances of landing a job.
  • The impact varies based on factors such as role, coach, and interview experience.
  • Interview Coaches provide honest feedback on your performance and tailor advice based on your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Direct & Honest Feedback

  • Interview coaches offer sharp feedback that gets to the core of the issues.
  • Asking insightful questions prompts deep consideration of your approach.
  • Tailored feedback from Interview coaches improves interview skills and directly impacts results.

3. Builds Interview Confidence

  • Anxiety is common among job seekers, and interview practice helps build confidence.
  • Interview Coaches provide insights into the interview process, reframing it as a problem-solving conversation.
  • New perspectives and guidance contribute to a more confident interview experience.

4. Builds Interview Muscle

5. Be Unique in a Competitive Market

  • Mock Interviews offer a competitive edge in a market where less than 2% of applicants secure interviews.
  • Proper preparation is emphasised, as the initial interview is an assessment of skills.
  • Focusing on relevant preparation, rather than exhaustive company research, is crucial for success.

The benefits of investing time and effort into mock interview preparation, especially with experienced coaches, can significantly enhance one’s chances of success in the job market.

It emphasizes the importance of practical, tailored, and focused preparation for interviews in order to stand out in a competitive environment.

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