Creating an Elevator Pitch that leaves a lasting impression within the first 10 minutes of an Interview

The Interview arena can be a daunting place, you are meeting people you have never spoken to before and have a limited time to demonstrate to them why you are the best person for the job.

The first 10 minutes is so important in an Interview as this is when you build rapport with the Interviewers. They have read your cover letter and seen your CV but they want to know the following:

Who are you?
Talk about yourself and what you have done.
Why are you applying for the role?
Why this role and this company
What can you bring to the role?
What are the strengths you have that best suit this role 
What makes you unique for the role?
Why are you different from the other candidates that have applied for the role

The Interview panel should know the answers to these questions within the first 10 minutes of them meeting you. You will know there and then if you have made an impression as the  general demeanor of the Interview panel will have changed to a more excitable interested demeanor.

Reality is there are normally 10 plus people being interviewed for the same position so you need to remember this when making your pitch as to why you are the best person for the role. The bigger impression you make in those first 10 minutes the greater chance the Interviewer will ask those challenging questions in which you can demonstrate why you are perfect for the role.

If you are prepared and have the answers to the “Who” “Why” and the “What” then the Interview arena becomes less a daunting place and more a platform to shine.

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