Cost of Living and what to consider when saying “YES” to your next role

The cost of living is only going up so remember this when you say “YES” to your next role. It is a really exciting time when you get the call to say you have been successful at Interview stage but this is when a calm, measured response is required. The power is now in your hands as the employer wants to hire you, ask yourself these questions before accepting the salary on offer:

  1. How does the Salary compare to current market rates?
  2. Will you be happy with this Salary in 18 months? (If you join a company during the year you will normally not be entitled to a pay increase or bonus until year 2 of employment)
  3. Is this Salary higher than that you are currently on?
  4. What is included in the Salary Package (Many companies include Potential Bonus in the Salary Figure Provided)
  5. Is there room for negotiation?

These questions are so important, as a key factor to being happy in the workplace is the knowledge that you are being fairly compensated for the work you do on a daily basis. You want to be able to focus on your job and moving up the ladder and not on whether or not you can pay your monthly bills.

Remember the power is in your hand when you get offered the role so don’t undersell your confidence and talents.

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